the needy cat from hell

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宮崎千尋さん / 小説 『四夜暇、君は隣で』 口絵

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Look how happy all the grass Pokémon are


never stop dancing lil’ buddies


this ones mad bc he wants to dance too but has no legs

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i had a dream i downloaded an ed, edd and eddy dating sim that was SUPER HIGH DEF like you could see all the pores on jimmy’s face and you played as an aged up ed in a semi-medieval setting. so ed and jimmy were rowing a boat and were about to kiss when a big red warning in horrible gothic font popped up and said “yaoi warning!!! you are about to experience a yaoi moment if you dont want to see yaoi look away!!!” and then my computer crashed

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I love nial from one direction

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check out these cute sponges

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